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We are a forging company located in China, established 25 years ago, with 66,000 square meters of physical production workshops and perfect equipment, providing customers with integrated services from drawing prototype to production after-sales. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality and customized production of joint forgings and related products, and have a strong technical team and abundant cases of cooperation with well-known companies.

Our Process Technology

With advanced forging process technology, we can provide customized services for processing joint forgings of various materials. Compared with the traditional welding method, our forging technology has higher strength and better durability, which can better meet the needs of our customers. In addition, we can also apply coating treatment according to customers' special requirements to guarantee the service life and effectiveness of our products.

Our production capacity

Our production workshop has various kinds of forging machines, CNC machines and other advanced equipment to meet various forging needs of our customers. During the production process, we strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system standard to ensure that every step can reach the best condition and continuously optimize our production capacity.

Our Products

We mainly produce various types of joint forgings, including elbows, tees, flanges and many other specifications and models. We can customize according to customers' design drawings and guarantee to produce high quality products that meet customers' needs. Our products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power and other industries, and have won wide recognition and praise in both domestic and international markets.

Our service advantages

In terms of service, we always put the needs of our customers in the first place. We provide integrated solutions from drawing and proofing, manufacturing to after-sales service, adhering to the principle of "quality first, service first" in every step. Our professional sales and technical team will provide customers with a full range of technical support and consulting services to ensure the best customer experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading forging company in China, committed to providing the highest quality forging products and metal forming solutions to customers at home and abroad. We will continue to promote technological innovation and development to meet the changing needs of the market and our customers, and to make our forging products and services more accessible.

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