High quality metal parts and metal forming solutions provider

Custom specification

▪ Drawing, sample and OEM, ODM customized service factory

▪ According to customer design concept for structural design, parts processing, surface treatment and assembly testing one-stop service

▪ Customized product range: automobile, construction machinery, wind energy accessories, fluid technology, agricultural machinery, outdoor sports, solar energy, military ships, aerospace, medical, high-speed rail, automation equipment parts, electronic hardware, daily hardware supplies, such as high strength, high tension, hardware parts and other customized product materials

Customizable product materials

  • ▪ Steel material

  • ▪ Aluminum alloy material

  • ▪ Copper material


Cooperation process

  • Procurement service

  • Come to the drawing and sample

  • Product quotation

  • Open mold proofing

  • Sample confirmation

  • Mass production

  • Cooperate again

  • Intimate after-sales

  • Fast delivery

  • Inspection package

Contact information


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