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What kind of products are suitable for the casting process

Complex shape parts: Casting can achieve a variety of complex, fine shapes, such as sculpture, parts and crafts. Because casting can produce a large number of identical parts by the mold method, it is particularly suitable for mass production of products requiring the same or similar shape.

Large parts: Foundry is capable of producing large and heavy parts, such as automotive engine blocks, Marine parts, electrical equipment, etc. Because casting can cast an entire part in a single model, the process required to connect multiple small parts in the production process can be reduced.

Thin-walled structures: Casting can be used to produce thin-walled structures such as containers, pipes and supports. By controlling the cooling rate, the wall thickness can be adjusted and optimized, making the product lighter and more economical.

Alloy materials: Casting is suitable for a variety of alloy materials, including copper, aluminum, steel, iron, magnesium and titanium. These alloys are often used to make high-performance products such as space spacecraft, cars and aircraft.


Characteristics of casting products

  • Improve the internal structure of metal, improve the mechanical properties of metal

  • Improve the hardness and strength of the product

  • Wide range of adaptation. The mass of the casting is as small as less than 1kg, and as large as hundreds of tons

  • Precision die forging can make the size and shape of the forging close to the finished parts

What kind of products are suitable for forging process

Parts with high strength requirements: Forging can be used to manufacture parts with high strength requirements, such as bearings, friction pairs and aircraft engine parts. Through the forging process, the lattice structure of the metal material is improved, increasing the strength and toughness of the parts.

Parts with simple shapes and high precision: Forging can produce parts with simple shapes and high precision requirements, such as fasteners, pins and bumps. Because forging is done by forcing metal material into the mold for plastic deformation, more accurate size and shape control can be achieved.

Mass-produced parts: Forging enables mass production with high efficiency and low cost. This makes forging suitable for production environments that require a large number of parts, such as the automotive, construction and machinery industries.

Parts of special materials: Forging can be used to process a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, etc. These special materials are often used to make high-performance products, such as aerospace spacecraft, ships and nuclear power plant equipment.


Forging product characteristics

  • Suitable for parts with high strength requirements

  • Suitable parts for special materials

  • High efficiency mass production

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