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Recently, Jiahe Seiko Forging Co., LTD., located in Hunan, China, was once again visited by Tesla's main engine factory in the United States, becoming the focus of attention.

During this Tesla visit, we paid great attention to communication and exchange with customers, so that they have a deeper understanding of our professionalism and production capacity. We showed them our advanced production equipment and advanced forging production process, focusing on our quality control system, including the use of high-quality raw materials, comprehensive weld inspection and quality inspection.

After visiting our forging factory and docking with us, the Tesla main engine factory gave great recognition to our production and quality. What is more exciting is that the addition of our existing orders and the signing of new orders have injected new vitality into our business development.

As a professional forging manufacturer, Jiahe Precision Forging Co., Ltd. covers an area of 66,000 square meters, production equipment 100+, has a series of honorary certifications, such as the automotive industry IATF16949 certification and ISO9001 quality system certification. In addition, our experience and technological innovation in the forging industry has gained 25 years of valuable experience, and we have solutions for how to improve product quality and production efficiency.

Jiahe Precision Forging Co., Ltd. has always been focused, high quality and innovation as the core, not only to provide high-quality products and services, but also to constantly upgrade technology and technology. The rigorous standards and quality management systems we follow in the manufacturing process ensure more consistent and reliable product quality. These efforts demonstrate to Tesla Oems that we place great importance on quality and customer satisfaction, and have earned us the trust and support of Tesla Oems in the United States.

We sincerely thank the American Tesla Oems for their recognition and support, and also thank all customers for their support and trust in us as always. Jiahe Precision Forging Co., Ltd. will continue to inherit the concept of specialization, high quality and technological innovation, and constantly improve its production skills to provide customers with more quality products and services.

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